TRI 4: Efficient zero emission Heating and Cooling Solutions

The Transition Initiative Heating & Cooling (TRI4H&C) will contribute to Challenge 4  “Efficient zero-emission Heating and Cooling Solutions”, formulated in the SRIA of the CETP. The overarching goals of this initiative are the provision of enhanced and improved heating and cooling technologies and systems for all major parts of Europe by 2030 and to enable 100% climate-neutral heating and cooling by 2050.  


The TRI4H&C will be a significant initiative to foster innovative technical solutions for the heating & cooling transition in Europe. The TRI4H&C will support all heating and cooling-related production technologies, such as geothermal of all depth ranges, solar thermal applications, collective and individual systems for the built environment, storage solutions, and industrial and other end-users.  

Besides joint calls to fund transnational research and innovation projects, the TRI will be of key importance for the whole sector, organising knowledge exchange and strategic activities addressing the major barriers, opportunities and RD&D needs in the field. 


TRI 4 Office
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